Customer Service Solutions

Acquiring customers is one thing. Keeping them is another.

We work with some of the world’s largest brands  – companies with millions of customers – to elevate the post-buy experience they deliver.

Increasingly, customers are demanding a seamless support and service experience across multiple interaction channels. They might not want to contact a call center, but they often must. NCS enables large companies to realize increased business value from every customer touch point.

Gear Button 169x169 CPerfMaximized Business Value

  • Cross-channel journeys
  • Call deflection to digital channels
  • Agent & call center effectiveness

Optimized Engagement Every Day

  • Customer self-service
  • Omni-channel integration
  • Knowledge integration & leverage

Solving the Real Problems

  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Service & support quality
  • Operational data leverage

Customers Don’t Interact with a Department

They interact with your brand. They expect a consistent and personalized experience no matter which channel they use.

Too often, companies invest in siloed CX initiatives that don’t work because cross-channel experiences important to customers go unaddressed.

NCS has long experience in call center optimization as well as digital channel solutions. We know how to detect cross-channel impacts. We help you recognize the real problems and develop programs to elevate CX delivery across all customer touchpoints.

Programs that Work

Leverage the CX experts from NCS to create experiences that drive revenue, streamline cost, and maximize customer lifetime value.

We know how to reliably connect your CX projects to your company’s business objectives, ensuring that your CX investments deliver the payback you expect.

Everything we do leverages our framework for Intelligence-Driven Customer Experience. Download the white paper to learn more.

What Really Drives CX Outcomes?

You can’t improve CX delivery without understanding customer behavior.

Most companies jump into CX programs with only a hazy idea of what customers really want. Too many CX investments go for expensive projects that tackle the wrong problems.

Real insights are hidden in the CX data you already have. NCS enables you to leverage that data, uncover patterns of behavior that lead to specific outcomes, and put highly-targeted programs into place that actually move the CX needle.

CX Discovery Methodology

NCS services are based on the Intelligence-Driven CX concept.

Our approach leverages a unique foundation that enables you to gain deeper insights and make better CX investment decisions.

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