What We Do


Drive new revenue, gain add-on sales, and strengthen customer loyalty
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Learn what prompts customer buying decisions, loyalty, and churn
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Increase revenue and boost customer retention with innovative CX delivery
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How We’re Different

We believe in making fully informed CX investment decisions

Intelligence-Driven CX is a new approach that leverages CX data in a sustained, systematic way, yielding deeper insights and guiding CX initiatives that deliver faster, better, more targeted results.

We leverage the CX data you already have and recommend targeted investments that produce the ROI your organization needs.Learn More
We are digital channel experts, and we have a unique ability to detect and optimize cross-channel experiences.Learn More
It’s┬áthe ultimate CX goal: intervening in customer interactions while there’s still time to influence the outcome.Learn More

Our Customers

One Customer’s Experience

Learn how NCS worked with one of the largest telephony services providers in the United States, employing the principles of Intelligence-Driven CX to improve online revenues and customer loyalty.